Payments & pet insurance

To help us to continue to give our excellent care we ask that you please pay for your appointments at the time of your visit. We accept cash, all major debit and credit cards.

Thank you for all the pet patients you bring to us. We are always pleased to help advise on how to cover the cost of your pet’s veterinary care.

We are always happy to discuss your pet’s treatment and the costs and will always provide you with an estimate for any surgery your pet may require. Sometimes unforeseen costs can arise during surgery, such as a longer than expected anaesthetic period or extra medication.

Pet insurance

Pet insurance gives peace of mind if your pet becomes ill or has an accident and medical attention is necessary. The Petcare group always recommends that pet owners insure their pets. Our staff are qualified to assist you in choosing a policy to suit your needs. All puppies, kittens, cats and dogs under one year of age receive four weeks free pet insurance.

Ask us in practice or via our contact page for details about pet insurance.