Looking after your pet

As pet owners we are responsible for the care of our animals. In the wild a weak or ill animal tries to hide its condition from predators, so sometimes it may not be instantly obvious that your pet is sick. The best care you can give is to get to know your pet well so you can spot slight changes in behaviour.

This is a basic information section for your easy reference. If you have any concerns about the care of your pet, please contact St Helens vets, we are here to help. If you require advice on any routine pet care issues, we offer this for free at our Vet Nurse Clinics.

Although the internet can seem to be a useful resource when seeking information about your pet’s health, the information they contain is unregulated and can be incredibly complicated to interpret without expert advice. There is no substitute for professional veterinary care and advice through consultation. Always call St Helens Petcare if you think your pet needs medical help.

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